Smoke-Free Air and Free Nicotine Patches

How does living in Orange County benefit our health? The current adult smoking rate in Orange County is 9%, compared to the California rate of 13.7%. Since our smoking rate is lower, there is less chance of being exposed to secondhand smoke and we have a much lower lung cancer rate than the rest of the nation.

However, there are still times when we may be exposed to secondhand smoke, such as by regularly being around people who smoke or working at a place where smoking is allowed. It is important to be aware of this health hazard and continue to protect ourselves. Secondhand smoke is toxic. It can aggravate asthma, trigger heart attacks and damage a child's lungs for life. It can even be harmful to pets.

California labor laws protect workers and the public from secondhand smoke in classrooms, offices, restaurants and bars, but people may still suffer from exposure when laws are not followed or when they spend time at places that are not protected by laws.

If you are exposed to secondhand smoke and want to learn how to protect yourself, call the Orange County Health Care Agency, Tobacco Use Prevention Program at 1-866-NEW-LUNG (639-5864) for free help.

Additionally, if you or someone you know would like to quit smoking, we offer free nicotine patches to adults 18 and older who complete our free "Quit smoking" classes. Call 1-866-NEW-LUNG (639-5864) to learn more! We can help you breathe healthy, smoke-free air.

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April 24, 2014