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Orange County Cancer Coalition

Mission Statement: Improve comprehensive patient-centered cancer prevention and care for all Orange County

The Orange County Cancer Coalition (OC3) was formed in 2009 as one of 11 California Access to Cancer Care Community Coalitions initiated by the California Dialogue on Cancer (CDOC) in order to eliminate barriers to access in cancer care within their communities.

The Coalition is comprised of over 60 individuals representing more than 35 organizations. This includes hospitals, treatment centers, academia, community based organizations, and associations. Members collaborate on community educational events, and share information, technical expertise, and best practices. The Coalition provides an opportunity to build partnerships to maximize resources, address issues related to all types of cancer, identify and implement specific strategies and tactics to achieve cancer control outcomes.

One of the Coalition's primary goals was to create and maintain an online resource directory that serves as a central repository of information on cancer related resources and services in Orange County. Coalition members all work together to continually update and add to this resource directory in an effort to help increase access to care and resources for the community.

For additional information about the Orange County Cancer Coalition, to add or correct resource information listed here or to learn how you can become involved, please contact:

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